Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pleased to meet you...hope you guessed my name

With all due respect to those moss-covered icons of rock and roll, we present...Web 2.0...Meet Consumer 200.0 [I'll guess that the order of magnitude is significant, but...we'll see.]

Tim Suther, Senior Vice President

  • [Register to win a Kindle...just text message the Acxiom number 39763 with the word CONNECT...I suppose you should be here, but hey. Information wants to be free.]
  • [oh, my. What Acxiom does...is this considered product placement?]
  • And now, the content...
  • More choice, more innovation, connection, accountability, execution risk...complexity...blahblah.
  • [Nice background pitures of Deer or Bryce Canyon in hte slide background however.]
  • Claim: $112 Billion in advertising wasted.
  • Claim: only 45% of people (according to Edelman survey) beleive media...same survey says only 22% beleive advertising.
  • Web 2.0 [a taxonomy..better off looking it up on Wikipedia].
  • Consumer 200.0...collaboration is in the DNA of consumers...which are defined by 9 lifestage characteristics. [huh?]
  • Claim: 42% of consumer's time is spent online, but only 11% of advertising dollars are.
Now what?
  • Confluence [the single word that answers it all]?
  • [Let's look it up..."a flowing together"]
  • Confluence 1: Channels...not just coordination.
  • Confluence 2: Browsing and buying. [Nothing predicts in store behavior like shopping online, right? Apparently not....do you beleive Widescreen tv purchase is explained by having viewed online military sites? Me neither] 
  • Confluence 3: Data. Looking at who visits your site and what other sites they visit...and tailoring to that knowledge [great support for understanding the data, but where's the action steps?]
  • Confluence 4: between publishers and advertisers [hmm. Is the publisher a content network or a distribution network? The difference is important in the networked world since its not likely that you can be both]. Bringing a direct marketing sensibility to marketing [ok, that works]
And with that, we'll forego further typing and leave you with a link to some real sympathy for the devil instead.

Audience questions:

  • Role of economy in affecting growth of online ad spend? Forsees online growing due ot the accountable nature of online ads...sees some flattening of growth, especially in branded advertising online (see prior positng on IAB stats here)
  • Privacy...will new administration legislate online privacy concerns? Sees other issues as dominanting attention but anticipates some form of behavior based targetting legislation [see prior posting on Network Advertising Initiative here]

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