Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NBC Universal: A television network's point of view

Cameron Death (like 'teeth')
VP Digital Content 

Fundamental Shifts
  • DVRs...34% of people who watch The Office watch it when they want [Death, rhymes with breath, of appointment television]
  • Broadband...>half of homes have it...consumers able and willing to watch video online...have to find new  ways to give consumers content when and where they want it [hmm...really?]
  • Adoption rates of technology increasing [or time to reach critical mass of adoption is decreasing]
  • Changing attitudes toward television...attention shifting while multiple screens are competing for attention...engaging and active experience rather than passive, network controlled experience
So what are they doing giving all this?
  • Accomodating the wired [wireless??] consumer. They've invested in building nbc.com as a destination site...28.8 million short form video streams in September. Average visitor spending 80+ minutes each per month [which is one third of the daily TV average according to the Ball State Media Consumption study]
  • Interestingly, Heroes had 24.5 Million viewers for TV...8.1 Million viewed it online.
  • Online reach is extending reach, not cannibalizing it [for now].
  • Example of interactivity: dundermifflininfinity.com Enabling people to create their own virtual office with content they wouldn;t get simply watching the show.
  • Hulu...a syndication platform where users can ingest content where they are [ingest...consume...traditional terms for media imo].
  • NBC Universall Digital Studio: Create original digital-only content produced with brands, marketers and writers working together.
[gotta take a break and find a power outlet]

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