Monday, November 19, 2007


How do others do it? The always-positive, overcoming-the-obstacles attitude? I assume they overcome obstacles of course...maybe they just love what they do. Maybe they live in perfect worlds. Where does that come from?

It doesn;t seem to matter in the slightest to me...and yet somehow deep inside, it does. The 'it' being the emptiness. When other people disappoint in proprotion to the disappointment you hold in your self, what's a lad or a lady to do?

What you love, you shouldn't. What you should love, seems unable or unwilling to throw you a line. Even when you are surrounded by your best friends, there's an impatience. A desire for something else, something more perfect. Something new.

But the desire is drained of the energy for action. An architect without paper, a builder without a hammer...or worse, all the tools available, sitting unused. Saved up for the someday that was yesterday.

Mountains unclimbed, trails unpacked...the way they will stay.

If this is step one burn out, then I am toast.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Too much time, broken into fragments...too small to glue together. Too much desire, buried under shards of fragmented time. Too little focus, too late a' coming, I'm afraid. If only. But then. Do what's necessary to get buy. Repeat.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Soft self center

With the Congressional vote to establish a timeline for withdrawal from Iraq, I am struck by the narcissism of it all. The debate, as it is, seems never to focus on US responsibility to the Iraqis.

I hear superficial discussion about winning and losing, about mistakes, about arrogance...but I don't hear much discussion about the Iraqis. When I do hear mention, it is often tinged with the subtle racist/imperialist tones of blame: if only the Iraqis would step up, we'd be able to leave.

Like it or not (and I don;t), the US invaded anothe country and unleashed forces it is now unable to control. To walk away and, as some have said, let the Iraqis solve it seems irresponsible. To assume that diplomacy and negotiation can work without a credible threat of force to back it up s naive.

When the government of Iraq asks for us to leave, we should...immediately. It is the only Iraqi body that reflects anything resembling the Iraqi people's position.

To leave because we wish we had never gone simply demonstrates the soft, self-centered will of the American people.