Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Power to the people

Goodbye Dan! Today is Dan Rather's last day on the CBS Nightly News. Rather made his mark by being aggressive in his pursuit of his truth...talking 'truth' to power as he said. So on this inauspicious occassion, we witness again the inevitable cycle of the hunter becoming the hunted, the famous transformed to the infamous...the self confident youth transformed to dottering old fool.

It seems that, like so many people, time has passed Dan by. In the midst of a great technological revolution, he failed to see that his ego had placed himself in the awkward position of being in power by having questioned power. And so as he and his truth-creating staff attempted to play king maker in the 04 presidential elections, they found themselves confronted with the truth of their wasn;t the establishment media that did him in, but rather the little people...the powerless masses for whom he proclaimed his life-s work...and the little people, creating a news network of individual blogs, emails and bulletin boards spoke the truth to Rather's self-important power and it swept him away.

Time will tell if Rather's career is remembered for its start, its end, or for little more than the dates it spanned...but one thing is certain...time brings us all full circle...those who use their time to pursue a greater truth subordinated to their personal beleifs, will always wonder what happened when others bring them face to face with the truth as it is...power to the people.