Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CRM 2.0: Managing relationships with future customers

Bill Band, Vice President, Forrester

  • Groundswell is about people collaborating with one another to obtain things from each other rather than organizations, such as corporations [e.g., self organizing tech support conversations online]
  • Relationships with customers will be simultaneous and collaborative in nature
  • Different level of participation in online activities
  • Claim: 50% of online are active creators; 15% are  critics; 19% are collectors; 33% are spectators [lurkers]; the balance are inactives [I think people probably occupy different personas depending on their social may be more likely to lurk in a context where you are a novice for instance]
New requirements for success in the world of the social customer
  • Create customer-to-customer interaction
  • Enrich customer based differentiation...boost customer experience discipline
  • Build dynamic solutions to support collaboration...put right data into the hands of the right people.
  • Web 2.0 Communities and Usability merge with CRM 1.0 data to enable CRM 2.0
Changing role of customer facing functions, from old role -->new objective 

  • Research--> Listening (monitoring buzz, developing sounding board community)
  • Marketing-->Talking (encouraging loyal customers to spread word, social networks)
  • Sales--> Energizing (USe customer opinions, designate lead customers/LinkedIn)
  • Service-->Supporting
  • Product Development-->Embracing
Early adopters and how they are approaching it
  • Starwood: automated capture of unstructured data on a consumer forum (FlyerTalk) and created an index of sentiment. Included competitive monitoring and isolation of key issues. Support from Anderson Analytics and SPSS.
  • InterContinental Hotels Group: To improve customer experience (in addition to tangible things like towels and such) they leveraged their loyalty program (PRiority Club) as outbound to create a community for discussing and testing new ideas. Find this cost effective alternative to traditional market research methods. Support from Communispace.
  • LucidEra: Online analytics company. Accelerate the process from lead to sale.. Used InsideView to pull together a social media sales profile on the prospect that can be shared with the sales force.
  • Electronic Arts: Incorporated customer support inside the large multiplayer games on line. Partnered with RightNow Tehnologies
  • Dell: IDeastorm as a customer-generated idea platform. Customers directly contribute to ideas and community then votes on ideas as a way to identify the most promising ideas for product development. Partnered with

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