Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 1 Summary | Day 2 agenda

Day 1 included:

  • Four ways to identify and satisfy consumer needs for the future (here)
  • The view of change from NBC television's position (here)
  • A poorly defined customer 200.0 from Acxiom (here if you dare)
  • Enthusiastic description of Blockbuster as multi channel distribution network (here)
  • Keeping consumers happy in a cross channel world (here)
  • Using social media to evolve consumer insight (here)
  • Qualitative, Quantitative and Ethnographic maket research approaches (here)
And the highlight of highlights was Patsy winning the Amazon Kindle by texting a promo code during the Acxiom session!

Day 2 Promises:
  • Consumer 2018: Fact from Fad
  • Using digital channels to fuel the world's largest airline (AMR)
  • Embracing the multichannel customer
  • Shopping as the dipstick of social change
  • Afternoon breakout sessions

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