Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Opening: 10/28

Carrie Johnson, Forrester Vice President of Research, introduces the session. 

Keeping Ahead of Tomorrow's Customer

  • Starting off with reference to 'elephant in the room' (no John McCain isnt here!)...the downer jones industrial average and its impacto on all of us.
  • I hope they didn;t have to revise their presentation much...
  • Are people fundamentally different? No, she says, when it comes to certain things...obviously referring to 'people' generally as opposed to people individually.
  • What's changed? Active media consumption vs. passive...hmm.
  • Nice  chart of internet penetration and broadband...the broadband curve is rapidly apporaching the internet penetration curve.
  • We can;t predict the market, but we can forecast customer behavioral trends.
  • Customer data is the key to these predictions..er, I mean forecasts.
  • The case is made that behavioral trends are happening independent of economic cycles (but have we really had a realistic economic cycle in the last 15 years?).
  • The peril of short term thinking..not staying ahead of your customers.

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