Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Says who?

Why, SaysMe!...on TV?!

Another online tool for enabling any old body to be their own Mad Men...this one on TV...get your ad on the tube for 6 bucks (at least in Cleveland)!

SaysMe.TV makes placement of your political spot on Cable easy and cheap (according to their site).

The site is currently making news for its focus on engaging individuals as issues advertisers. It's almost like creating a political blog post for TV...except that you use other people's words and have your name show up at the end. Which is quite like some blogging, actually! In an election year, this political focus makes sense.

But consistent with the do-it-yourself topic previously posted (here), SaysMe tv is another example of technology removing the complexity from communication vehicle production...and while this democratization of the Spot Cable TV vehicle is part of the story, the other part includes the collaborative way in which the ads are made and paid.

One can envision a group of likeminded marketers or PR professionals sharing the development costs of an issues ad and then using something like SaysMe TV (or Spotrunner) to run the spot locally.

Have a customer or distribution channel partner who can't afford the development and placement costs of global industry image advertising? Build loyalty by making a spot they can use, place and purchase on their own..for use locally. It's not a new idea, just a new approach and...a new low price.

After reviewing the site and it's process, the drawbacks of the SaysMe implementation are limited current market coverage (which is only a limiting factor if you don't live in those markets) and a focus on pre-produced ads that are political. But, like Spotrunner, AdReady, and Google's Print and Radio buying tools, it provides a glimpse of what do-it-yourself communications look like--and cost--when cheap computing power is applied to simplify complex systems.

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