Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First things first:

I've got an idea: How about a YouTube video? Or a TV Spot? Or a press release? Or a social web 2point2 interactive myspace community dialogue blog site?

I've been in meetings to discuss business objectives and communication strategy where those were the ideas that got bantered about first...well except for the last one. Everyone in the room knew these things weren't really ideas, that they're vehicles for carrying ideas.

But sometimes the pressure to produce leads to shortcuts in thinking. In this case, the shortcuts get us to the end product a bit faster, if not better. One need not look long to see a TVSpot, a direct mail or even a website that was created with the vehicle driving the idea. They seem forced, self indulgent, or poor facsimile's of something original.

The best work is also obvious:

  • it is relevant to someone intended,
  • it has a clear 'now what' opportunity for that someone,
  • and it's where the someone wants it.

There are other qualities of good work, certainly. But how does 'good work' embody these elements?

Define the objectives and the narratives necessary to achieve them. The vehicles will come easier...and after.

McCluhan was right about many things...but I suspect he was misquoted on one...the medium is not the message.

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