Sunday, March 09, 2008

Interacting with the audience...

And the audience with chat on screen from audience...who is engaging whom? Of course, the screen is sort of irreleveant given that it isn't any more readable than the photo suggests and that anyone participating in the chat is seeing it up close on their computer.

The presentation is about designing interactions. A behavioral psychology and economics look at designing interactions between people (as opposed to interaction between people and information).

Design against considerations including: costs, reward, risks…

The costs are primarily of user time and cognitive effort (e.g., enable action at the point of behavior); Reward is primarily about status (e.g., popularity, respect and alternative social currencies). The considerations of risk are about mitigating the risk of an action (such as rating systems that distinguish only positive options).

Many examples are of sites that, on the surface, may seem absurd...for instance the facebook "Buy and Sell Friends' application ( ).

But even these experiments appear to appeal to fundamental notions of what many humans value: esteem, belonging, recognition and a degree of narcissism that is able to be indulged in realtime, all the time. Interaction designers are using these values as incentives to drive interaction between

Nothing groundbreaking in the psychology (think FiberMAx One Ton Club for an incentive geared toward esteem and recognition)...what seems new is the granular and diverse nature of defining infrastructure that enables individuals to actively pursue and manage against these incentives....think of it as knowing what everyone thinks about you and being able to do something about it to the level that you care.

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