Monday, March 10, 2008

Going Social Now

Shiv Singh, Avenue ARazorfish

Social influence marketing

Using the example of a sofa purchase, SS outlines the current, linear catalog approach to much online shopping…show the brand, take the user to the shopping cart, purchase, and ship. Realworld is less linear…we comparison shop across stores and products, collaboratively share information and even decision making…that’s how we shop for (high value?) items today…groups influence us. This is social influence.

What matters in social influence marketing? Compliance with the norms and expectations of peers; Identification with a group and importance of belonging as it influences behavior.

(then)….Brand marketing-├áDirect response├áSocial influence marketing (now)

This evolution in marketing is a reflection of the increasing communication and connectedness we have today. We are more influenced by each other now than ever before…and less influenced by traditional marketing approaches. We are listening to each other.

Social media, on the other hand, is a means to an end…the end being social influence (another shout out to “the vehicle is not the idea!”).

Other considerations for success in social influence marketing:

  • Become your consumer (And another DePaul campaign idea)
  • Aggregate information for the consumer (Bayer Season anyone?)
  • Participate where your customers are (But of course you have to find where they are)
  • Take small steps

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