Friday, June 20, 2008

Powerpoint presents: gifts from slideshare

Who hasn't used powerpoint like a word processor? And who hasn't had to endure a presentation that looked like it contained the presenter's every word...on each slide? Boorrring.

But it's not the software that sends us's how we use it. And if you want to use the software better, then what better way to learn than by example. That's where slideshare comes in.

Slideshare is, to use a frame-based analogy, like YouTube for presentations.

You can upload your presentations, download the presentations of others (who have enabled them to be downloaded). You can set up webinars with your presentation and, of course, join a group or comment on a topic with presentations to support it (you know, social). You can embed presentation in your website or blog and...most importantly, you can see examples of good presentations as determined by popularity (assuming you beleive the crowd has wisdom).

For starters, check out this beautiful presentation on...presentations...specifically, how to avoid Death by Powerpoint!

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