Thursday, June 05, 2008

KISS: keepin' it simple silly

Seth Godin has a post on keeping the marketing message simple by starting as if you were developing a classified ad. The point is that it forces you to get to the point...what's the offer, what do you want someone to do...all on the backdrop that every word costs.

I think this is exactly what writing an ad for a Search Engine Marketing campaign forces you to're limited to a set number of characters in the headline (25), the body (35) and the link (35 to use the Google limits). And to reprise the lead sentence from the posting a couple of days'll know you're simplified message is right (or not) in realtime, based on the clicks.

For an example of keeping it simple in pictures, see Jessica Hagy's site

For an example of keeping it lip-synch simple in Detroit, the Rock City:

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