Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A touch too much

The Google Android stalkers have screen shots and video of the latest prototype of this iPhone killer (ok, maybe that is a bit of an overstatement). In addition to the 'hmm, this looks very familiar' reaction, it (The Android project) strikes me as an interesting look into the type of community/cult following that technology can create EVEN BEFORE IT IS AVAILABLE...

What's Android? It's an open source development platform for mobile devices.

So what?

In the always on, always connected world of mobile devices, Google's selected an open-source approach to developing useful technology...a different approach than the Think Different company (which has always preferred proprietary approaches). ..both approaches have their acolytes...and fanatical followers.

Touch screen interfaces have always held an inutitive usability advantage given their support of direct physical manipulation. The Android prototype appears to combine some of the finer features of the iPhone, Samsung and other mobile touch screen interfaces (currently, I am using the HTC Mogul)...proving once again how continuous market learning makes it difficult to sustain a competitive advantage built on technology innovation (anyone seen a drug company growth stock lately?).

Speaking of touch screen innovation, I'm still waiting for someone to invent a touch screen that can be used while eating french fries.

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