Monday, May 12, 2008

CHM777: Web XdotY

Feeling confused? Just when you think you have the Web 2.0 figured out, the jargoneers tell you that's the old version? SocialWikiGroundswells got you in a Land of Confusion?

Here's a simple taxonomy of WebPointWhatever evolution:

Web 1.0: Static content: you can read it (e.g., an online brochure someone else has created)
Web 2.0: Dynamic content: you can read it and write it (e.g., posting a video, photo or text you created to a site)
Web 3.0: We'll know it when we see it...but it will include read it, write it, execute it. (as in combining data and software to do mapping your personal genome and genetic history)

Wait you say...where's the social? Social, as a Verizon ad might say, is the network. I'm certainly open to other interpretation lenses, but I think this simpler read-write-execute criteria helps one distinguish a difference among the marketing noise.

I suspect the good stuff is in what's after the decimal...Web X.1, 2, etc., as these incremental incarnations reflect the myriad of uses to which people put the web in diverse an agnostic take on the Mies van der Rohe saying, 'Good is in the details'.

Obligatory explanations and support for obscure references:

CHM777 = Change Mode read, write, execute

Disturbing Land of Confusion remake/mashup:

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