Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let's play the brand tag game!

The Brand Tags site has a nifty little game of sorts that compels one to define a brand...basically, you see a well known brand logo and then you enter a word or phrase that you associate with it.

While we all should understand by now that a brand exists solely in the individual minds of, um, individual people, this site allows you to see just what's going on in the individual minds of those others who choose to engage.

And while noone would intelligently confuse this with empirical research, it does provide a type of real world insight into the myriad ways in which people define brands...both who, ultimately, owns the brand identity and what it is that they think they own.

Up next...it would be interesting to leverage the terms and phrases from a site like Brand Tags against a search or display ad strategy online for the brands in question...

For instance: If the phrase 'alternative web browser' appears more frequently as the description of the Firefox web browser brand logo than the word 'Firefox' does, wouldn't it make sense to associate the the two terms in the marketing context?

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