Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Timelines, in about 30 seconds

"Don't waste time or time will waste you" -Muse

One of the modern world's great obsessions is tracking time. From timepieces on our wrists to too much time on our hands, time, as the timeless saying goes, waits for no one. But whether you prefer spending your time in the past or investing your moments in the future, there's nothing quite like a tidy timeline to layer some linear context onto the temporal world surrounding us.  

And now, creating an interactive timeline need not require wasted time nor lots of time waiting thanks to Timetoast. Timetoast lets you create interactive timelines in seconds (or minutes). and then publish them to the web site of your choice.

So here's a timeline I created about setting up timelines...from the time I first logged online until the time I finished this timeline (spooky, huh?):

So what?

It's a useful little tool. It's so easy to use, even a Gieco advertising manager could use it.  And it's desirable...it speaks to the emotional desire we have to assert control over time...even if for only a fleeting moment.

It also offers an opportunity for discussion around events and the ability to add descriptive detail and imagery to otherwise meaningless points in time. Or for important points in time...like a project.

Now if only it could accurately plot what comes next... 

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