Saturday, March 14, 2009

Call of duty 5: Gaming crashes

A dozen game playing people blast virtual Nazi Zombies...or each Call of Duty 5 competition at Screenburn Arcade at SXSW.

Gaming is alive and well in the down economy...gaming from the pc (vs consoles like xbox, ps3 or Wii) is making a less robust showing at this year's screenburn show at SXSW.

The image in this post shows individuals playing against each other...lacks the social aspects that have been selling the console version and were the highlight of last years team competitions at screenburn. 

However, tomorrow's game development competition may be where the gaming action is.

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  1. interesting photo, yes i've noticed people a little too in to gaming tend to be socially retarded bless em! and as for screen burn i think i'm suffering slightly myself, i have however found a great site for games price comparison and playstation 3 deals that should help you not get wallet burn too!