Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome: Live Blogging Press Conference

Here's a live blog on the Google Press announcement...as it happens....September 2, 2008.

1:01-Another one bites the dust as background music...c'est la Microsoft?

1:07-11 am Pacific is the listed start time. They do know how to tell time in California don't they?

1:09-ok, here we go...downloadable of the product at noon...wonder if they will beat the Firefox singled day download record?

1:10-The web has evolved in 13 years. Browsers havent evolved quite as quickly. From simple display of tagged content to application execution.

1:13-User experience...simple is powerful (hear that web designers?)

1:14-Say goodbye to chrome (where the chrome is all the interface that surrounds the activitiy of the user...back buttons, address bars, etc.).

1:15-No dialogues to interrupt you. "The browser should stay out of the way". Open soource rendering engine (webkit) helps it get that way.

1:17-And the secret is revealed...they have designed this browser to be fast...for the pending mobile world of Android (Google's mobile phone/PDA/device thingy)

1:19-Sandboxing. Because CHrome is built around multiprocess architecture, you can sandbox each session (as in each session plays in its own sandbox). This helps keep things secure and able to overcome hanging processes without taking down the entire browser.

1:20-Oops. Only available for Windows right now. Mac and Linux to come...promise.

1:21-Open source...you can develop your own APIs. CHromium is the name of the Open Source Project.

1:22-And now the demo.

1:24-Sweet. Interface looks like Google search...but with tabs at the top of the window. One can imagine a new era in web design...get rready for tabs out every web page's wazoo.

1:26-The tabs aren't new, but the implementation has lots of little tweaks that make them different (e.g., tabs resize only when you move your mouse)

1:27-haha. They did research and found that people use the search box as the address box on Google search...so they remove the address box. What will that do to ads?

1:29-Chrome learns from your behavior...if you like to search amazon, chrome remembers that and next time you search, it asks if you want to search Amazon. Hmmm...how big does that list get?

1:31-Do all techies shop at the same clothing stores?

1:33-hehe. How to wipe your tracks. Chrome covers your tracks...the Incognito window. You can shift from browsing in a memorable way to an anonymous way. Why would anyone want to do that? Research for a friend, of course.

1:35-making downloads easy. Interesting. Creating tabs that can drag the file wherever you want it or open directly...no more finding the place that that document got downloaded to someplace in the temp/docs/somewhere folder.

1:37-oooh. The browser becomes the app window. Who needs windows?

1:39-More on the performance and stability aspects of multiprocess architecture. You don;t expect one application failure to cause reboot of your system, why should one process in a browser take down the browser?

1:42-and bad guys have to find a way out of their isolated process to take over a system with malware (which is, of course, harder than today's single process approach).

1:45-Plugins are treated as separate processes too so that if they crap out, the window still remains.

Ok, well that was nice. I'm off to get my download and try it for myself.

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