Friday, August 29, 2008

Tell me what you want to do

The people at Mozilla Labs have a lovely new add on for the Firefox browser. The add-on, whose name, Ubiquity, gives some indication of it's aspirations, allows users to tell Firefox what you want to opposed to just where you want to go.

You can view the brief tutorial here but a few easy to grasp examples I tried (easy being the pre-requisite for me to try it) included:

"map 400 east diehl rd naperville, il" (which immediately deliverd a Google Map of the place)
"define aggravation" (which displayed an autosuggest box with the definition)
"email" (which allowed me to email a link from the page I was on to someone in my gmail contact list)

Interestingly, this ability also seems to support the trend toward verbifying nouns (e.g., Google me)

Commanding Ubiquity to "Wikipedia Coopetition" took me to the Wikipedia entry for that topic.

Beyond the move to develop a more natural language (albeit typed) interface for the web browser, the add-on embodies the open source developer and individually customizable spirit of the Firefox community.

Become ubiquitous yourself by downloading your very own slice of Ubiquity here

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