Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Driven to tears: Blame Detroit

Media execs at Viacom, Time Warner and others are blaming a downturn in automobile advertising for some of their continued revenue challenges.

And TNS Media Intelligence supports the conclusion, sort of, reporting that the auto industry spent $414 million less on advertising in 1Q08 than in 1Q07.

The poor (red) ink stained wretches at newspapers were down $131 million alone.

Some might point to the much touted-but-yet-to-be-delivered recession as an obvious impact...except that that would not explain it either. Automobile advertising is expected to be about $15 billion for the whole of 2008, which is down from it's peak of $24 billion in 2004.

Others might point to the migration of many dollars online, such as here.

Still other folks might point to the advertising itself. If advertising is linked as a causative agent of sales when things are good, then shouldn't the link work in reverse?

For the NY times perspective, read all about it.

For a TNS Media Intelligence look at media spend, see table below:

(click to enlarge)

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