Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Interface Design: Have it your way

Saman Ramahnian, An interactive AD at Crispin, Porter, Bogusky posted a Twitter notice of the new Burger King (aka BK) site--available in beta. (here).

So What?

Another burger joint's website gets a makeover, you might say. Except that this site actually takes the 'Have it your way' tagline and brings it to the interface.

Rather than force users to have BK site content the way the corporation would have them have i it (!), the BK site employs easy user controls (what's easier than a slider!) to adjust the priority of display for three areas:

1. Fun
2. Food
3. King (not MJ or Elvis, but the creepy dude from the commercials)

Noticeably missing are any direct linkages compelling a store visit (e.g., coupon/offer), but it does a nice job of packaging up the commericals and some user-engagement applications + games (remember subservient chicken?).

The interface embodies the best of useful, usable and desirable principles (prior post here).

Intriguingly, the sliders might even provide an interesting variation on analytics: by creating data from the slider's relative positions to one another, BK can perform a nifty little variation on mouse tracking to gauge the relative proportion of food, fun, and king to bring to the interface.

One can only imagine the dialogue during an analytics meeting about BK movie tie-ins:

"Fun sliders on override, Mr. Sulu! We need more fun, Scottie! Aye captain, I'm givin' her all she's got!"

See for yourself (here)

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