Monday, May 18, 2009

Generitech: The problem with online video ads

The site is widely regarded as least among those with a college student's' sense of humor. 

But even if you are just a corporate marketer or agency trying to make it in the post TV world, you might find the following clip humorous...if you have a fondness for satire. The clip skewer the problem with online video ads...or more specifically, the problem with the people pushing them.

For reference, the guys on the right side of the screen are Jake and Amir, popular collegehumorists and co-founders of the site (who now work for Barry Diller's IAC, which purchased the site in 2006). The guys on the right are college humor employees too...playing the caricatures of the problem.

The irony is that the video is part of a teaser for the invitation-only New Fronts in Digital Content event sponsored by "...Digitas' branded content entity Third Act."  

One can wonder whose zooming whom.

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