Thursday, February 19, 2009

177 million channels and nothin' on: Domain masters

Verisign, the domain registrar, reported (here) that the number of domains at the end of 2008 was 177 million. That's up 16% over the number in December 2007.

So What?

Consistent with one of our five 2009 marketing themes (here), the continued growth in online destinations (i.e., inventory) bodes ill for those who would hope for pricing power. Ad deflation would seem the inevitable outcome of an expansion in places for people to spend their time...for those who seek a place to invest their time, it's like having a TV with 177 million channels...on demand.

For those whose value is sold in cost per thousand impressions, 177 million is a big universe to target (of course they are not all ad sites, but you get the point).

For those who may appreciate the irony of a 57-channel TV overload lamentation (now 16 sweet years old), YourToob takes you back in time to...Bruce:

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